Erika Roycroft

graphic designer
maker of cool things




01. B2 Realty, Print Design
mailers for a local realtor

02. Cotton Bee, Logo Design
for an upcoming small business

03. Hulsey Media Print Design
magazine layout and design

04. School Work Icons & Graphics
projects from university (2018 to 2022) 

05. Auréole Café, Brand Design
a fictional modern café

06. Other Work, Digital Design & Graphics
experimental design, poster design,
photo manipulation, & more


I had the pleasure of working on a couple mailers for Bryan Byrd with B2 Realty. Already powered by a strong and recognizable brand, it was crucial that the mailers fit his company’s identity while still conveying the desired content.


Cotton Bee creations is an upcoming small business focused on making high-quality and fully custom memo boards.

She (the Queen Bee) requested a logo that was light, fun, and simple. The design morphed beautifully into the business card, the dashed line of the bee’s flight pattern doubling as a visual depiction of fabric stitches.

Through my work with LS Creative, I had the privilege of learning the ins and outs of magazine design for Hulsey Media. Having never worked on projects like this before, they came with a unique set of challenges that were rewarding overcome. Now, magazine layout is a branch of graphic design I find a great deal of confidence in.

See the interior of Hulsey publications here!

These are three projects from my time at university that I am proud to showcase.

The first, from my sophomore year, is a set of twenty icons where we were asked to depict an average day in our life.

The second, from my senior year, is a quarter-long project where I was paired with an Interior Design student (Chase Wells) to create a fictional hotel and restaurant from scratch. The photos shows are digital depictions of wall art to live inside the respective spaces. Both of these projects made me discover I have a passion for iconography and developing a brand for companies.

Jumping back to my junior year for the third project, this was centered around a prompt called Get Out the Vote. We researched the struggles certain groups of people face when it comes to voting and how we could campaign to increase those numbers and get their voices heard. My campaign focused on the LGBTQ+ and POC community.


Auréole is a fictional café, bakery, and lounge. Defined as a bright circle of light, the term auréole helped shape this brand into a modern yet playful look. With its versatile design, the arrangement of the sun icon and the logotype can change to fit any collateral needs.

I get a ton of inspiration from the South Korean music industry and the incredible graphic work they produce. From the cohesive album designs to the logos for each and every group, they never fall short of impressive.

The designs I have created just for fun have become examples of my work that I am proud to share. With the rules and guidelines that come with client work, it is essential to find time to create a little something something for yourself.

Erika Roycroft – 2024
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