Erika Roycroft

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maker of cool things


Hello! I'm Erika Roycroft, a passionate graphic designer with a keen eye for creativity and a love of learning. My journey in the design world began when my friend introduced me to photo manipulation back in 2016. Combined with my love for k-pop, I started posting my edits online and was met with unending support from that [no longer] niche community. Their support made me realize “Oh, this can be more than just a hobby.” Eight years later, here I am!

Over the years, I've honed my skills in various Adobe programs and discovered my love for poster design, iconography, logo design, and branding. In my work, I strive to connect; whether that’s an emotional connection one experiences when looking at the finished product or an integration into a pre-existing line of work. I aim to stand out visually and fit in conceptually.

My commitment to creating is driven by the design all around me. We see designs across the spectrum of good and bad everyday, both are equally inspiring. The former can encourage us to experiment and change our way of thinking while the latter can show us the potential pitfalls and where we, as graphic designers, stand out.

When I’m not designing or taking pictures of ponies, I like to spend my time drawing, studying Korean, playing video games, out in nature with my horse, Merlin, or at home with my cat, Ferguson. 

I am always eager to take on new challenges! Feel free to explore my portfolio and let's connect to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

Erika Roycroft – 2024
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